iPhone tripod mount and Android tripod mount for Panorama Photospheres
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Amazing Photos - So Easy - So Cheap - With your smartphone!

Look at these great 360 panoramas made with iPhone or Android.

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iClyck Universal
AU$ 149.00

This is ideal for the Panorama / PhotoSphere enthusiast. The package includes the our unique tripod mount suitable for use with iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6 Plus along with most Android Smartphones. You will also receive access to our growing collection of instruction videos. Delivery: Normally 2 weeks by Air Mail anywhere in the world.

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iClyck Business *
AU$ 650.00

This package includes our unique iClyck tripod mount, instruction videos and other information on how to apply iClyck commercially for Real Estate, a photography business, or other business application. You will receive tutorials on location, capture, lighting, publishing, correcting errors, sales technique, tripods and more.

You will also receive one years support for your iClyck skills development.

Delivery: 2 weeks


Training Videos
360 Photography
Have one of the team come and create unique photos
360 Panorama Virtual Tour
AU$ 180.00

Capture and publishing of a 360 panorama and publishing to Google Views

5 x 360 Panorama Virtual Tours
AU$ 770.00

Capture and publishing of a 360 panorama and publishing to Google Views
  - extra photos $154

10 x 360 Panorama Virtual Tours
AU$ 1,100.00

Capture and publishing of ten 360 panoramas and publishing to Google Views
- Additional photos $110

Information video

Use your iPhone and Android smartphone to make 360 degree panoramas and Google Photospheres. Google Streetview and Google Photosphere are great free apps to combine with iClyck tripod mount to make accurate 360 panoramas for fun or profit.

The Problem is...
If you use panorama apps like Google Photo Sphere or Google Streetview without a tripod mount and your panoramas will have stitch errors, particularly when objects are close or you are working in a small room. The problem is holding your iPhone perfectly still while taking the 20+ photos you need to make a pano. If you don't, you will get "parallax errors" which will appear ugly in the stitched panorama.

The Solution is...
Use our iClyck tripod mount to position your iPhone or Andoid camera lens perfectly as you take the photos to make the panorama.

  Its easy - A child can use the app, its that simple
  Its light - Your smartphone, a tripod, and an iClyck. Its light
  Its fun - Your friends and people watching will be amazed
  Its efficient - Make a panorama in 5 minutes

What will you use your iClyck?
The range of uses for iClyck is an expanding list:

Holiday photos will never be the same – Capture those amazing places like never before

Special occasions – Capture that wedding or birthday as capturing the moment

Fun with the kids – Your kids will love posing in photos, appearing 3,4,5 or more times

Commercial applications – Real estate, cafes, bars, restaurants, boats. The list is endless.

What else do you need?

iClyck Universal iPhone and Android tripod mount can be used with just about any smartphone and accommodates iPhone 6 plus and Samsung S6. Then use any tripod with a standard centre located screw mount and pan action. Any of a range of panorama apps available for iPhone. Google Photo Sphere Camera or Google Streetview are a couple of my favourites. You are best to publish your finished panoramas directly to Google Views.

How do you get one?
You can only order iClyck online through this web site for fast delivery anywhere in the world for AU$ 15. Order yours now.

The Technical Detail and Manufacturing
We have settled on 15mm Acyrlic for iClyck. Light, strong and smart looking, iClyck looks great, transports easily and works great. The unit comes with two screw mount positions so you can take precision panoramas AND mount up for landscape photos and video shooting.

Panorama Photography History
Panorama photography has a history more than 100 years old, but its been the advent of digital cameras and stitching software that made it a relatively simple process to anyone that had the time and equipment. Popularised by Google Streetview, we now regularly "walk through" streets of the world checking out places to stay, bars and cafes. Real estate, hotels and bars have gone to the expense of creating panorama photos to showcase their product. They engage photographic professionals with SLR cameras, sophisticated hardware and software to take the time and expense to create the panoramics. Since iPhone and Android smartphones, the number of panoramic apps, including Google Photo Sphere Camera and Google Streetview app are for making spherical and cylinder panoramas. Its only with iClyck that you can make panoramas with precision.

About Me.

"I want to help people share beautiful moments of their life like they have never been able to before." John Nayler - Inventor of iClyck

Internet Consultant, sailor and traveller describes John best. Career IT professional, John has been involved in solving technology mysteries for over 20 years. Based in Airlie Beach, Australia, John's community and innovation credentials are first rate. Recipient of community and innovation awards for his ChannelWhitsunday.com project, where professional online video production promoted the Whitsundays tourist destination for 5 years. Now focused on the immersive experience of 360 degree panoramas, his revelation and business interest is now focused on sharing the benefits and opportunities available through this medium.
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Just some buy feedback that is being delivered.
"Thanks John, I am taking the most fantastic pictures now. So happy I got one" - Delphine, Maui

"The virtual tour panoramas have made my real estate listings easier to sell." - Charmaine, Airlie Beach

"Really pleased how virtual tours showcase our hotel." - Airlie Beach Hotel

"We think that we have the most interesting dental surgery reception in the universe, so thanks for the 360 virtual tour John! It looks great!"
- Kim Davies, Bytes Dental Ballina

"Wow, that is the coolest thing I have ever seen for iPhone. I hope someone buys me one for Christmas!" - Sophie, Brisbane

"I take all my holiday snaps with iPhone now. My little pocket camera is in a cupboard somewhere... and now iClyck and Photosynth allow me to capture the most amazing memories anywhere. Even with a small tripod, its still lighter than the guys carrying SLRs... and my photos are 360 times better!" - Malcolm, Sydney

View more samples of the photography, all made with iClyck and an iPhone. - For them to look even better, check out these links on your iPhone or iPad. Wait for the image to load and then move your iPad/iPhone around to see what happens.


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